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@DIYMarketingCtr | Veronika Noize

Can you fall in love with a software service? @AudioAcrobat it has been 8 years, and baby, I hate NOTHING about u! #love #bestofthebest #gratitude Try it and see for yourself

@TeachMeLaw | Tara Kachaturoff

Looking for outstanding customer service? You'll find it in Brian Ball at @audioacrobat. He's the best. Great company & service. Thanks!

@JanLutherEFTPro | Jan Luther

I love AudioAcrobat! I use it every day. Great product, awesome service, amazing staff @AudioAcrobat Thanks Dave Barrett!

@KimTurcotte | Kim Turcotte

5 Tools that make my business easier & enhance my client relationships Tool #3 @AudioAcrobat

@JanetHilts | Janet Hilts

Thanks, @audioacrobat, for consistently great customer service. You're a great role model for us all!

@Self_Publish | Shelley Hitz

Just set up my podcast using @audioacrobat Wow, was it easy! I can record by phone or computer. ..so simple, love this!

@StephCalahan | Stephanie LH Calahan

@AudioAcrobat Woot! My podcast and iTunes are now all in place. Super easy with AudioAcrobat.

@PeggyDolane | Peggy Dolane

@AudioAcrobat OH: "You are the @nordstrom of the IT world."

@ErinBlaskie | Erin Blaskie

Recommended: @audioacrobat for their audio hosting, storage and conversion abilities!

@SwetaSpeaks | Sweta Patel

Use @AudioAcrobat during your speaking engagement by asking your audience for testimonials just by dialing in. How convenient! #Swetaspeaks

@Hoovers | Hoover's

Self-service storytelling: give members an @AudioAcrobat phone number so they can call & record their story. Upload online as mp3. #cmgrchat

@EmmaLangman | Emma Langman

Check out the tweets from @AudioAcrobat for a company that 'gets' social media for customer service!

@SocialUpgrades | Social Upgrades, SMO

Been using AudioAcrobat off and on for over 4 years now. Been very pleased with their service. Never once had a problem.

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